The Curve of Chance

About the Book:

Here’s a book of four intriguing short stories entwined with threads of chance and probability. Set in Mumbai, these tales are a heady mix of facts and fantasies. Filled with abstract concepts and unrivalled in content, each short story deals with timely coincidences and untimely encounters.

So do you want to snuggle into the boring world of determinism or do you want to plunge into the rough seas of randomness and chaos?

The Peak of All Thoughts

About the Book:
The Peak of All Thoughts is a book of 32 poetic essays which captures the exchange of words, ideas and philosophy between the poetic persona and men of doubts, confusions of the muddy mundane world. Much like The Prophet of Khalil Gibran, the short and pithy tales unfolds the root cause of human pathos, solves the mystery with artistic mastery and finally reaches a universal solution, which is certainly sublime to attain.


About the Book:
This is a novel for people whose consciousness involves feeling and sensibility. It explores the impact of ‘Emotions’ in one’s life. It has the pace of a thriller and the mysteriousness of a sweet romance. It is a novel etched with bouquet of poetic essays. There is poetry and puzzle. The characters are wickedly intelligent but sometimes they act according to the impulse of the moment.
Fall is a heady mixture of love, envy, deceit and mystery. Are you ready to experience too many good things at once? If yes, then read through the pages intoxicated with love. Once you finish the book, you’ll be drunk with emotions and will be weary to speak in words!